Founding Constitution

The Federation of European Protistological Societies (FEPS) is established as a non-profit association of national and cross-national European Societies of Protistology and less formal national groups of protistology to promote research and education in the whole field of protistology, to stimulate and expand collaborations between groups from different European countries and to support young protistologists. Special emphasis will be put upon the support of European Congresses of Protistology. Further, European conferences and workshops on special topics of protistology shall be supported. The FEPS has no property.

National protistological societies may declare membership to the FEPS by signature of their presidents on a separate document that is then added to this founding constitution. Declarations are accepted and kept by the Secretary General of the FEPS. The federation is open to the protistological societies of all European countries.

FEPS is governed by the FEPS Council that is formed by delegates of the member societies. Delegates are the presidents of the national societies or their representatives. The FEPS council meets at the European Congresses of Protistology. A Secretary General is elected for the administration and coordinative work of the federation. The Secretary General is being elected for four years at the European Congresses of Protistology by the FEPS council; re-election is possible.